Perla and Bradley at Venice Canals
Perla and Bradley, co-founders

Bradley and Perla first met while living in the beautiful coastal town of Santa Cruz, California. Their love of travel, nature and unconventional lifestyle brought them together and soon led them to create Xico Station.

The idea for Xico Station took shape in 2019. They both worked full-time jobs and started making jewelry in their spare time. They quickly fell in love with working for themselves, traveling to shows, and selling their art.

Now based in the San Fernando Valley, Xico Station creates handmade earrings, necklaces and hairpins with different metals and natural stones. All styles are either one of a kind or made in small batches so that each piece is an exclusive piece of art.

Xico Station also offers Permanent Jewelry bracelets and custom engravings at various pop-up events throughout the greater Los Angeles area, including Burbank on Fridays and Saturdays. Check our list of upcoming events to see where we will be next!

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Xico Station
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